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A multi-faceted actress, singer and dancer, under the lights and in front of the camera have always been where Erica's star shines brightest. 


At 7-years-old, she began studying drama and eventually snagged roles in local theatre productions of The Miracle WorkerThe King & I and The Music Man. After moving to Los Angeles, she studied film and television at Carolyne Barry Acting Academy, at Ivana Chubbuck Studios and presently at John Rosenfeld Studios.


Some of Erica's early projects include Jay Bienstock's and Sam Raimi's 13: Fear is Real, horror film Savage Sistas, Spike TV's Tattoo Nightmares and Stanley Bing's campy Curriculum series.

Erica's recent television credits include Nickelodeon's Orange Carpet Special Edition for Pixar, Funny or Die's Cheat Day and MYX-TV's #Posers for wich she writes and is a co-producer.


Due for 2020 releases are The Disease, a short film by European filmmaker Joan Pauls and BodyArt, a low-budget feature in which Erica plays lead Jasmine, a has-been ballerina vying for a position in a prestigious dance company.

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